Syntax Scientific Writing has a “No Surprises” policy – in terms of work quality, time or cost.

I choose my clients carefully to make sure that we are aligned in terms of expertize, quality of work, reliability and adherence to Good Publication Practice. I don’t take on more projects than I have time for, so you can be sure that I am giving your work the attention that it requires.

I have robust processes to ensure that your project meets your specification. Once we have had an initial discussion to determine if my skills are appropriate for your work, we can follow the following steps to project completion.

  • 1 Briefing

    Fill out a briefing form – download one here or use your own.

  • 2 Quote / Timeframe

    I will provide you with a written obligation-free quote and a time frame for completing the project.

  • 3 Sign-off

    Upon acceptance of the quote, I will commence work, providing status updates as required.

  • 4 Complete project

    I will complete your project on brief and on time. Note that any changes to the brief (with consequent impacts on price or timelines) will need to be written and agreed by both parties.

  • 5 Invoice / Payment

    I will invoice you so that you can arrange payment according to the terms in the quote. While I work in New Zealand, I can invoice you in your own currency.

When you partner with me, you don’t lose control of your work– for example, when editing a manuscript, all changes will be marked using “track changes” for your information and agreement.

I strictly obey the principles of client confidentiality and will never share your work or documentation with others without your permission.